Watson Football is your sports club.



Growing the game by increasing participation and accessibility for all (through its promotion and the development of infrastructure).



Maintaining integrity and trust in our competitions and our institutions through good governance, increased stakeholder involvement and increased transparency.



Protecting and improving competitive balance while preserving sustainability and fiscal responsibility(to promote NIGERIA football)



Optimising revenue streams through research and investment in new opportunities, enhancing fan engagement and broadening our reach.

Our Players

Chiagbanwe Willington Ntokalu

Height:4.8FT' Jersey No:3 Position: Left Back

Ugwanyi Simeon Ajuruchukwu

Height:5.8FT' Jersey No:1 Position:Goal Keeper

Sunday Iyo Tawio

Height:5.6FT' Jersey No:11 Position: Attaching Midfielder

Solomon Eneojo Egwu

Height:5.2FT' Jersey No:7 Position:Right Wing

Stephen Martins Achimugu

Height:5.6FT' Jersey No:13 Position:Attaching Midfielder

Rejoice Chibuzior Madudor

Height:5.2FT' Jersey No:10 Position:Left Midielder

Nwachukwu Christian Kelechi

Height:5.6FT' Jersey No:22 Position:Left Back

Emmanuel Eshiomonu Kadiri

Height:5.7FT' Jersey No:15 Position:Defensive Midfielde

Mordestus Chidiebere Ekeocha

Height:5.6FT' Jersey No:8 Position:Central Midfielder

Junior Kalu

Height:5.2FT' Jersey No:20 Position:Right Back

Junior John

Height:5.4FT' Jersey No:19 Position:Right Back

Innocent Erim

Height:5.7FT' Jersey No:12 Position:Left Back

Nnamdi Joel Agu

Height:5.2FT' Jersey No:4 Position:Center Defender,Sweeper

Dauda Simpa Yusuf

Height:5.9FT' Jersey No:6 Position:Center Defender,Sweeper

Football and Social Responsibility

Creating positive social impact through football

Health & well-being

Health and well-being comprise physical health, psychological and emotional stability, and social engagement. Physical wellness involves self-care and a temperate lifestyle. Emotional well-being is psychological well-being encompassing subjective experience and positive emotionality.

Child safeguarding

Every day millions of children and young people take part in sporting activities across Africa, Europe, Asian, and Middle East. Following a rising number of sexual abuse scandals against minors aged less than 18 years old Watson support and enable the safe participation of girls and boys at all levels of the Game a safe, positive and enjoyable experience for all children and young people.

Human Right

The world of sport, including football, can have both significant positive and negative social impacts. Football can promote the respect of human rights, but it can also amplify abuse and discrimination. It is critical to ensure that European football is in full alignment with international human rights standards and related instruments and principles.