About Us

Watson Football believes in the passion, intensity, joy, confidence and sense of community football brings to those who play, coach and love it. From practice to play, we work to make the game better and safer, ensuring that nothing stands in the way of a player’s excitement for the sport. We evolve and grow the sport through innovative standards and best practices to advance coach and player development, participation and safety within the fun of the game and its inherent values.


Watson Football Club is a member-owned football club located in the heart of Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria. Established in October 2018, the club is borne out of the belief that the capital of Nigeria should have a modern football club and we are committed to building a model football club that the entire Abuja metropolis will be proud of.

Watson Football Club (RC 1627909) is based in Abuja, Nigeria and was incorporated by the Corporate Affairs Commission in 2018.  Watson football club is affiliated to the F.C.T Football Association and as well as the Nigerian Football Federation(NFF)

An efficient and effective organization for the dissemination of resources, planning and implementation of all football activities in Nigeria and international levels. Promoting and regulating the-activity of the game of football and all aspects connected with it, reconciling the amateur and professional dimension.

At  Watson Football club, we see ourselves  an integral part of the Abuja community and we are committed to making a positive impact in our community and beyond. Hence, in accordance with our regulatory framework, every year, a percentage of the Club’s revenue is channeled to charitable and developmental purposes within our community.


The academy is committed to creating strong & positive players with a professional approach in discovering young “Top Talents” with the help of dedicated certified skilled professionals. 


We aim to produce fearless and exceptional hardworking footballers who are purposeful in possession and resilient in defense

Watson Football Club in Africa Nigeria is an international social enterprise that seeks to drive investment in grassroots development in Africa football, with the ultimate goal of creating job opportunities. We also aim to protect the foundations of African football, namely talent and passion, through the promotion of better governance of the beautiful game.