Our Vision

Watson Football Club we believes that with total ball control and developing technical skills in a methodical manner we will help a football player to reach his highest level and dominate the game in any match situation. Our Vision of football is based on the international Standard method. For years we have tried and tested this method successfully.
OUR VISION. WATSON Football Foundation uses the power of football to improve the lives of young people in Nigeria. We offer sustainable football programmes that support active lifestyles, promote positive impacts and pursue full potential for our players. 
It is the vision of Watson Football Club to produce top footballers who excel in their technical, fitness, tactical and mental abilities on the pitch, as well as their behaviour off the field, aiming to develop world-class players. Our intention is to produce young players who have the talent and commitment to develop their Football skills to reach Nigeria Youth National team standards.
Our idealistic vision is that by working with children at such a young age and giving them the core football skills to develop in the future we might help to advance the game in some small way Fulfill that promise by helping youth learn lifelong values through soccer to help build a promising future for the children.
Developing our youth team to achieve individual success through.teamwork, sportsmanship and character building that will guide them both on and off the field and into our community.

Building the next generation of footballers. Sounds like an easy statement to make but it is one we are really committed to here at the Watson FootBall Academic Talent Centre in Nigeria. We have experienced a wide range of football coaching at clubs, academies and talent centres and have drawn on this experience to create a programme and an ethos that we believe gives each footballer the best opportunity to maximise their potential and to go on and have a career in football.
Our Vision. To be a Model Football Academy that shall embrace professionalism at the highest level, create shared value for sustainable impact and help identified talents achieve their goals through football.